Tekla 3D Detailing

Taziker 3D Tekla model of the Big One rollercoaster.Taziker use the Tekla 3D detailing processes for the efficient planning and designing on our projects as well as in the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Tekla Structures is the leading software in the fabrication marketplace and our team are fully competent in applying the software for both new builds and refurbishment work.  Our more bespoke refurbishment work also utilises:

•    Point Cloud Survey for accurate off-site measurements, removing the need for manual survey work.
•    Direct from model fabrication using survey equipment linked to the model to build in three dimensions.
•    Onsite survey using total station for direct to model survey and set out from model in the field.

As standard we use all the main functions of Tekla, including the production of CAM data and in-depth reporting for production and production management.  This also includes utilising BIM capabilities that go hand in hand with Tekla including import and export of IFC files and 3D DWG files for a collaborative workflow.

One of Taziker’s most recent innovations has been successfully utilising Grasshopper, a parametric “visual programming” platform, linked to Tekla.  We have the ability to use this on smaller and more complex projects to assist and speed up the modelling process and adjust the shape of projects to suit different needs in ‘real time’.  This makes our approach ideal for research and development.

Watch our Big One case study video on the track replacement at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to see how we successfully integrated Tekla into our design process.