Our reputational standards and workforce expertise have allowed us scope to refine and innovate our working methods.  This has allowed us to save time and improve the safety and productivity of our workforce. 

Some of our most successful innovations include our patented Top Hat Boss rivet replacement system: this strengthening innovation developed by Taziker offers direct cost savings and reduced overall risk for bridge strengthening projects.

Other innovations include high-tensile steel scaffolding to offer a weight-to-strength ratio 20% lighter than standard galvanised scaffold, and an electric deadman system which allows our grit blasting operatives to occupy a much safer workspace. 

Top Hat Boss
The Top Hat Boss (THB) is an innovation developed by Taziker with the support of FJD Consulting LTD.  The THB is designed to simplify the process of steel bridge strengthening works.Our innovative solution reduces or removes the needs for temporary works and possessions as well as the need for costly jacking and major road closures.  The THB also reduces steelwork tonnages up to 50% as the solution allows for more efficient over-plating arrangements.

Electric Deadman System
We developed an Electric Deadman System (EDS) for use on grit-blasting jobs to stop grit abrasive from leaving the blast hose almost instantly after the site operative releases the trigger, rather than stopping after a delay as it previously would have.

This device means our operatives are able to work at much faster rates because of the reduction in wasted grit abrasive, therefore shortening the overall programme and reducing the cost of delivery, which is beneficial to both Taziker and our clients.