Britain has a long and proud history, and this is reflected in the numerous heritage structures across the country.  Many of these are listed buildings and as such require exceptional care and sympathetic maintenance.  Taziker is proud to be trusted with the important work of preserving these invaluable assets for future generations to enjoy.

These challenges often call on Taziker’s full range of multi-disciplinary expertise.  Our teams work in partnership with leading historians and dedicated custodians to deliver appropriate, effective and minimally disruptive solutions to complex problems.  In this way, we bring decades of experience to help conserve centuries of history.

Taziker has worked on some of the most prestigious structures in the country, including listed buildings, historic monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites.  We have worked hard to build our reputation in this highly specialist field, and we are proud to be the first-choice engineering, repair and refurbishment provider for many leading organisations in the sector.

Multi-disciplinary restoration works

Restoring historic and heritage sites demands much more than the standard approach. Taziker engineering experts are able to match original architectural styles, subtly strengthening the structures to preserve them for posterity.  Similarly, our coatings specialists can reproduce colour schemes and finishes to seamlessly blend new works with existing structures.

Conservation specialists

Our highly specialist teams understand the many conflicting demands, compromises and sacrifices that are needed when dealing with delicate conservation projects.  We fully engage with our heritage clients to find the perfect balance between preserving the past and protecting the future.  Our highly experienced team works collaboratively to create innovative engineering solutions to deliver the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

Trusted with landmark projects

In recognition of our status within the industry, Taziker has been contracted to complete major conservation projects at the highest level, such as Iron Bridge in Telford, Shropshire. Our work preserves the historic fabric of historically significant structures, while at the same time extending the life of Britain’s industrial heritage.