Utilities, such as power and water, are something we all take for granted, until they are suddenly not there.  As a major service provider to the utilities industry, Taziker works hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, providing planned preventative maintenance, unplanned emergency repairs and refurbishment across the sector.

Our collaborative approach means we work closely with sector-specific engineers to design, plan and implement a wide range of projects required to keep the lights on, the water flowing and the drains clear.

Extending asset lifecycles

Our primary aim is to keep assets operational and performing as they should.  This is achieved through a combination of pro-active maintenance plans that prolong their life, and reactive repairs that deliver swift solutions to get the system back to full capacity fast.  Only by considering the complete lifecycle of the asset, based on Taziker’s extensive industry experience, can you deliver an appropriate, cost-effective plan to maximise that asset’s value.

Power plant projects

Taziker has extensive experience in the power sector, with a particular emphasis on the maintenance and refurbishment of power plant assets.  We have a proven track record of refurbishing cooling towers and stacks, tanks and pipelines, as well as both internal and external power station refurbishment and electrical transformer work.  With SCO and SHEA approved operatives, we have the specialist skills required to work effectively in this sector.

Water infrastructure

From reservoirs to pipelines, Taziker has the engineering expertise to undertake projects throughout the water supply and sewerage systems.  We have considerable experience in the refurbishment of tanks and pipes, providing industry leading specialist coating solutions to maintain the integrity of water systems.  This not only extends the operating life of these assets, but also prevents leaks and water wastage, which are becoming increasingly important environmental issues.

Industry understanding

Taziker’s decades of experience in the utilities sector gives our clients more than just engineering excellence and collaborative customer service.  We also have an in depth understanding of the way the sector works, including the demands of both customers and regulators.  This enables us to work much more productively and proactively to meet and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.