Maintaining Britain’s quarter of a million miles of highway infrastructure is a colossal undertaking.  Repairing existing roads, bridges and tunnels, extending key routes to deal with increasing traffic volumes and building new routes and bypasses to serve new communities is a never-ending challenge.

Taziker is one of the UK’s leading highways infrastructure specialists, working across the board from major traffic routes for Highways England to urban road link projects for local authorities.  Our work covers a wide range of specialities including concrete and steel structures, bridges and gantries, parapets and fencing, all of which form a vital part of the overall highway footprint.

Multi-disciplinary service

With over fifty years of experience, Taziker can offer a full-service, multi-disciplinary approach.  From expert steelwork engineering to industry leading specialist coatings, from environmental works to safety installations, our breadth of knowledge and experience makes us the ideal partner for highways projects, fulfilling all outsourced engineering requirements from a single organisation.

Protecting and preserving

A great deal of Britain’s highway infrastructure is aging and needs to be repaired and refurbished, protected and preserved.  Taziker specialises in ensuring the safety and extending the life of key elements of our roads, making them fit for purpose for years to come.

Over, under, through

Wherever the highway goes, Taziker expertise can follow.  We have vast experience of both steel and concrete bridge repairs and refurbishment, including structural strengthening and repairs, specialist surface preparation and high-performance protective coatings.  We can even deliver brand new footbridges from scratch using our innovative fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) solutions.

Collaboration and cooperation

We pride ourselves on our inclusive, collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to set and achieve shared targets and project goals.  Working creatively, in partnership with existing highways engineers, we deliver exceptional standards and outstanding value for money, delivering effective results on time and on budget to keep the traffic flowing and minimise disruption to road users.