One of the major benefits of engaging a multi-disciplinary contractor, is the ability to source all your project deliverables from a single company.  With Taziker, this not only covers all aspects of the core works, but also the surrounding environment too.

Taziker provides a holistic approach that takes into account all elements of your project, with civil engineering expertise that stretches out to the furthest fence and down to the deepest drains.

We can also deliver in the other sense of environmental works, taking care of recycling and waste management, along with providing ecologically sound solutions on site, such as solar powered generators and wind turbines.  From your local project environment to the wider environment as a whole, you can trust Taziker to deliver.

Environmental considerations

From earthworks and embankments to landscaping, fencing and vegetation, Taziker can take care of the space around your project, whether that’s rail works or highways, new construction or refurbishment of existing assets.  Our expert engineers will work with you to plan and execute every last detail of your project.

User-friendly spaces

We work hard to make your project as user-friendly as possible, both during the works and once it is in full use.  For example, we take extensive steps to minimise dust and pollution and reduce noise from sites during construction.  We also work to create convenient pedestrian access, including walkways and footbridges, to connect your construction with the people it was built for.

Protecting the wider environment

Taziker has led the industry in incorporating eco-friendly solutions into our innovative engineering works.  We always aim to work in the most considerate way, cutting our carbon footprint and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Sensitive sites

Taziker has considerable experience working in environmentally sensitive areas, such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and we understand the importance of planning on these projects.  Taziker has a significant advantage in this field as we have our own bespoke access division that can plan innovative scaffolding solutions to allow essential work to continue while minimising the risk to the local flora and fauna.