Taziker are industry leaders in the rail sector. Our experienced engineers offer innovation and expertise across all areas of railway repair, refurbishment and maintenance works. From planning and project management to working on both active lines and track possessions, Taziker are the team to trust. 

Taziker delivers a full range of rail maintenance services, including tracks and wheel timbers, embankments and bridges, station repairs and platform replacements, bridge works and specialist coatings protection.

Our teams have worked in a wide variety of environments, from the ecologically vulnerable Fenlands to the exposed coastal routes of Cardigan Bay, from the harsh conditions of the Firth of Forth to busy commuter routes in the capital.

Bridge specialists

We are specialists in bridge repairs and refurbishments, creating bespoke solutions to the most challenging problems, as well as brand new footbridge building using our innovative fibre reinforced polymer system. From strategic scaffolding systems to protect fragile rural environments, to the unique Top Head Boss steel plate fastening system, which significantly speeds up bridge strengthening and repairs without compromising safety for trains or the roadways below, Taziker can adapt and evolve our working methods to suit any situation.

Comprehensive civil engineering capabilities

Taziker’s strength lies in the breadth of knowledge available within the company, which takes our capabilities beyond the railway line to include drainage, geotechnical issues, civil engineering and much more. This allows us to undertake station upgrades, including platform replacements, walkways and footbridges on both high-speed railways and provincial branch lines.

Unique industry understanding

Taziker are trusted at the very highest level because we understand the rail industry and its infrastructure in depth. We know that a line does not stand on its own; it is part of a network, an environment and a local community, each of which need to be taken into account and carefully managed during the works. We appreciate the demands on operators to limit line closures and minimise disruption for passengers, and we understand that the safety of those passengers is of paramount importance in everything we do.

An unrivalled track record

We have an unrivalled track record in the rail industry, and we’re proud of the relationships we have built with Network Rail and the train operators. That’s why we are constantly improving and innovating, learning and growing, so that we can repay that trust with efficient, effective work that keeps the trains running to time and keeps the tracks safe for passengers both today and in the future.