Modern Slavery Act

Modern Day Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement for Taziker Industrial Ltd for the financial year ending 31 March 2022.
This statement covers Network Scaffolding Ltd, which forms part of Taziker Industrial Ltd.

Slavery and human trafficking is considered by the Board of Directors, Management, Staff and Operatives within our business as a hidden blight on society. We all have a responsibly to be alert to the risks of slavery and human trafficking within our organisation, and within our own and wider supply chain.

About Us
Taziker Industrial Ltd is a specialist principal contractor for the preparation, restoration, surface treatment and painting of buildings, major structures, bridges, and industrial complexes including the design, fabrication and installation of structural and non-structural steelworks, in line with the requirements of National Highways Sector Scheme 19A for corrosion protection of ferrous materials by industrial coatings and National Highways Sector Scheme 20 for the execution of steelwork in transportation infrastructure assets; including the provision of scaffolding and thermal insulation for industrial services.

Our business employs more than 250 people, who proudly work for our organisation on a Nationwide basis. Our Head Office, specialist Engineering and Scaffolding departments are in Heywood and Horwich, Bolton, Greater Manchester, respectively.

Supply Chain
Our suppliers are principally related to the provision of goods, and associated services such as access scaffolding, outsourced design services, civil engineering sub-contracted services, banking, plant and equipment hire, vehicle servicing and administration, together with services associated with the arrangements for the health, safety & wellbeing of our employees.

Our Commitment
Taziker Industrial Ltd is committed to transparency within our business practices, to ensure that there is no evidence of any act of modern-day slavery or human trafficking within the organisation. Taziker Industrial Ltd is further committed to ensuring that there is no modern-day slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain.

Steps we have taken

  • Within the financial year ending March 2015, Taziker Industrial Ltd implemented a Modern Day Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy. This Policy was reviewed in August 2020 to ensure that it remains suitable, and fit for purpose. 
  • The Policy forms part of a suite of transparent policies, which include Corporate Social, Responsibility Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, Whistleblowing Policy
  • All new employees are subject to pre-employment checks to ensure their right to work in the UK, and to confirm their identity.
  • Taziker Industrial Ltd have adopted a Zero Tolerance to modern day slavery and human trafficking and will not knowingly support or deal with any business, supplier or organisation involved in slavery or human trafficking.
  • Taziker Industrial Ltd have committed to promptly and thoroughly investigate any claims or indications that a supplier of goods or services to the business is engaging in human trafficking or slave labour or is otherwise not complying with the requirements of its policy.
  • Taziker Industrial Ltd has reviewed its supplier approval process, to incorporate a review of the controls undertaken by suppliers of goods and services.

Steps we will take

  • Training - To ensure that staff are aware of the requirements of our commitment and policy, Taziker Industrial Ltd intend to provide training and awareness as appropriate throughout the coming year.
  • Supply Chain – New suppliers to our business will be required to confirm that there is no evidence of any act of modern-day slavery or human trafficking within their organisation, or that of their suppliers.
  • The Human Resources department are retrospectively checking that all Taziker Industrial Ltd staff, including those that have been TUPE’d (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) into the company, have the right to work in the UK, and to confirm their identity.

This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors and is signed on their behalf by Steve Corcoran.