Taziker is Tapping 150 Times for Homelessness

Taziker is donating to the Tap for Bristol initiative at Bristol Temple Meads Station to support homelessness prevention in the area.

By tapping 150 times, Taziker will be donating £450 which will go towards 50 personal grants to support individuals into new permanent accommodation and away from a life on the streets.

Aiming to solve homelessness in Bristol, Tap for Bristol is an initiative from Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District in partnership with Caring in Bristol.  The initiative raises money for homelessness prevention services as well as directly supporting people who are currently homeless.

The recently installed TAP point at Bristol Temple Meads station is supported by Network Rail and gives people the ability to quickly and easily donate £3 per tap using contactless payment on their card or phone.  TAP points are located at various locations throughout the city of Bristol.  Donations are managed by Quartet Community Foundation which means the money goes directly to those who need it, via the people and organisations that are skilled at supporting them.

Andy Phillips, Station Manager Bristol Temple Meads, Network Rail said, “We’ll do everything we can to enable people who pass through Bristol Temple Meads to give to deserving causes that help the most vulnerable people in the community.  Our TAP Bristol machine was installed at the station booking hall ahead of World Homeliness Day and this collaboration will ensure that giving to charities that help to alleviate homelessness can be done in the easiest way possible.

“It is amazing that our business partners at the station are also taking part by donating generously and we certainly thank Taziker for supporting us in our Route out of Homelessness campaign.”

Tap for Bristol donations can go towards the following:

  • 1 tap = £3 – Would support an individual to attend a job interview
  • 2 taps = £6 – Contributes towards a 1 to 1 session with a support worker for a young person facing homelessness.
  • 3 taps = £9 – Pays towards a personal grant for an individual supporting them into new permanent accommodation and away from a life on the streets.

Keith Rundle, Operations Director, Bristol City Centre BID said, “It is great that Taziker have made such a generous donation to TAP for Bristol; every pound of their donation will go to help those moving to a life away from the streets.  Building partnerships such as these are the way forward in creating opportunities for everyone to have a safe and welcoming place to live.”

Taziker is currently working on behalf of Network Rail to renovate Bristol Temple Meads station, including its famous Victorian roof.  The work was awarded in June 2020, and the contractor will be on site until 2023.  Over the duration of the project, Taziker will be supporting the Bristol area with schemes such as using locally sourced materials and suppliers; employing locally; recruiting apprentices; and working on charity initiatives.

Chris Pellow, Wales and Western Regional Director, Taziker said, “I’m personally very passionate about supporting homeless people and committed to making a difference - each donation will help support vulnerable people by getting them off the streets and improve their prospects in life.  Working on the Bristol Temple Meads project over the next few years will hopefully give us many opportunities to invest in local schemes such as this one with Tap for Bristol.”

Tom Nicotra, Business Development Director - South, Taziker said, “Taziker has a history of supporting the communities in the areas we are working, and together with Network Rail are committed to making positive changes in Bristol while we undertake our refurbishment works.”

Taziker is a leading multi-discipline engineering and construction contractor with offices throughout the UK.

Pictured (Left to right): Fran Gibbs (Station Support Assistant, Bristol Temple Meads Station, Network Rail), Dan Pellow (Apprentice Engineer, Taziker), Tom Nicotra (Business Development Director – South, Taziker), Keith Rundle (Operations Director, Bristol City Centre BID).