Essential Bridge Refurbishment in Scotland: 100% Self-Delivered by Taziker


Taziker has delivered the structural refurbishment of new Creagan Bridge at Loch Creran, Scotland. The old Creagan Bridge acted as a railway structure going through the loch - it carried the Ballachulish branch of the Callander to Oban railway line over the loch.  Following the closure of the line, the structure lay semi derelict for over 30 years before a scheme was devised to convert it for road use.

The new bridge was opened at the start of the millennium and allows motorists to avoid the five and half mile journey around the head of Loch Creran, highlighting its importance to the trunk road users and the local community.

The paint system on the bridge was found to have deteriorated past its lifespan and so a new paint system was devised to ensure the structure was fully protected and preserved from any corrosion developing on the metallic elements.  This project was one hundred percent self-delivered by Taziker, from the scaffolding and encapsulation to the grit-blasting and painting.