Taziker Signs Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant and Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award logo.The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or, who have served in the armed forces and their families, are treated fairly. Taziker is delighted to have signed an Armed Forces Covenant to show our continued support to veterans, reservists, cadets, and partners of those who are or have been in the armed forces. Not only this, but we have also achieved the Bronze Award for the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme as we pledge, demonstrate and advocate support to the defence and the armed forces community.

A number of our employees have a background in the forces, so we understand how this experience can engrain invaluable, important and positive characteristics in a person. Taziker believe that no one should face a disadvantage whether they are or have been in the armed forces.

Proudly supporting those who serve

We hope that our commitment to the covenant and Bronze Award achievement encourages other employers to support the armed forces community. We have spoken to some of our people to gain some insight into how we support and value those in the armed forces community.

Blake May, HSQE Manager – Wales and Western, is an Officer Cadet Reservist in the Royal Navy and continues his development in this role whilst working with Taziker. We have recently supported Blake to help him gain his Power Boat Licence Level 2 through the Royal Naval Reserve. 


Blake May, HSQE Manager - Wales and Western, Taziker.When I applied for my current job, I was nervous in mentioning my reservist role. I thought I may get discriminated against as it ‘takes you away from work’. In fact, the complete opposite happened when the hiring manager and Head of Employee Services were open and honest saying they would fully support me and see it a positive benefit to my employment.

Ongoing support is crucial to my continued development, and this is where Taziker has been really supportive. Given the backing I have had so far, I will continue my Officer Cadet development with the Royal Navy Reserves in the safe knowledge I will be fully supported by my employer and the Bronze Award reflects this.


Jamie Rae has a background in the armed forces and recently joined Taziker as our Industrial Cleaning Manager. Jamie shared some of his thoughts about his initial experience during the recruitment process.

Jamie Rae, Industrial Cleaning Manager, Taziker.I was thrilled to join Taziker and having been interviewed by the MD Industrial Services, Craig Walker, it was evident to me that Taziker embraced ex-service members into the business with open arms. Transitioning back to a civilian after leaving the military can be extremely difficult. Service personnel don’t want pity, they just want the opportunity to go into a business with their transferable skill sets (which are in demand) and continue to deliver the highest of standards and values they have come accustomed to in their military career.

I am 100% confident having now been in the business for five months that Taziker will continue to recruit ex-military personnel to grow its ever-increasing talent pool.


Damian Smith, Coatings Contracts Manager, came to join Taziker upon completing his service in the armed forces, providing his valued skillset to our company.

Damian Smith, Coatings Contracts Manager, Taziker.On completion of 20 years’ service in the Royal Air Force and three years with the Ministry of Defence, my career path naturally progressed into applying for a management role at Taziker. During my ten years with the company, I have noted on several occasions the support and recognition of transferable skills military personnel can bring to the organisation.

This view has only been strengthened by the company signing an Armed Forces Covenant and receiving the Bronze Award.


As our Head of Employee Services and having been in the military, Jenny Baker is passionate about the Armed Forces Covenant and supporting service leavers into employment. 

Jenny Baker, Head of Employee Services, Taziker.I have been out of the military for just over seven years. I found settling back into civilian life extremely difficult as I was medically discharged suffering with PTSD.  When I was first interviewed at Taziker, they took time to understand my issues and adapted the interview to help me feel comfortable.  I have continuously been supported by the senior management team who have shown tolerance and acceptance throughout my employment.

Working for an organisation that demonstrates on a regular basis the principles that are written into their core values and mission is fantastic and I cannot wait to support future service leavers in their transition back into civilian life.


Taziker is continuously seeking ways in which we can promote inclusivity and diversity in line with our core value of supporting our people.  Signing an Armed Forces Covenant enables us to show our continuous support to the armed forces community and we are extremely proud to have achieved the Bronze Award for the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. This is a great opportunity to give appreciation to our people with a background in the forces for all they have contributed to our company, as well as demonstrating to potential new employees that we are an armed forces-friendly organisation.