River Nene team reclaims 150-year old bricks

The Taziker Industrial team have been working alongside BAM Nuttall and AECOM to refurbish a bridge on the East Coast Mainline in Peterborough. Some of the works included repairing the masonry arches and using new bricks would have spoiled the aesthetic of the structure. To ensure that the repaired areas of the bridge remained in-keeping with the rest of the structure, the project team engaged with Railworld, a local railway enthusiast charity. They originally sought advice on where to locate original bricks for the bridge, which was built in 1850, but ended up solving the problem much faster than anticipated! Railworld had an old stock of suitable bricks and were happy for them to be used on the structure! In return, we made a charitable donation to the organisation and they have had valuable input into the refurbishment of the structure.