Celebrating Women’s Achievements for International Women’s Day

On Wednesday 8th March, it is International Women’s Day, which coincidentally for our industry, takes place during Women in Construction Week.  Therefore, this week we are positioning the spotlight on some of the great women who work at Taziker.  

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is #EmbraceEquity and we’ve decided to celebrate the biggest achievements of our female employees to promote their successes and encourage inclusion within the construction industry.

What is your biggest achievement?

We posed the question “What is your biggest achievement?” to all the women who work at Taziker, and we had various types of responses.  From gaining new qualifications, to being a mother, to achieving a particular goal - and a number of the responses were related to career success within the construction industry.  So hopefully sharing these will demonstrate the opportunities to advance your career in a highly male dominated industry, and also enable you to reflect on your personal achievements.

Start a conversation and let’s #EmbraceEquity.

Taziker’s Successful Women

Above everything else, my two amazing daughters are without doubt, my greatest achievements. Having a husband who was in the armed forces for 26 years and stationed all over the world – I chose to stay back home as a full-time working mother and have single-handedly raised two strong, confident, and intelligent women, who I am beyond proud of.
I would say my biggest achievement would be changing my career path. I started at Taziker in 2016 where I joined the sales team as an Internal Sales Coordinator, however after a number of years I felt I was ready for a change. I am very thankful that Taziker were able to support me in my transition into my new role, which I am enjoying very much!
My biggest achievement was learning how to speak and sing again after my brain tumour operation. I lost the ability to talk as my vocal cords, oesophagus and pallet were paralysed along with the ability to swallow. I cannot tell you how frustrating and heart-breaking it was at times, but now I can sing again - and singing makes me happy!
My biggest achievement was being a full-time working mum while studying for my NEBOSH general certificate and an NVQ in Business Improvement Techniques - all at the same time! And I won the Preston College’s Student of the Year award as result.
Working towards my AAT qualification as this is challenging whilst being in full-time employment but really rewarding. I’m looking forward to further progressing my skills in my career.
I joined Taziker two years ago and since then I’ve achieved so much! I joined the company being completely new to the industry and I have gained knowledge and tickets in several different fields of my profession. My biggest achievement was gaining my SSSTS ticket. It proves how far I’ve come and how hard I’ve worked to achieve it. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me with Taziker.
As an international student it was very difficult to find a job based on my experience and education, but Taziker gave me the golden opportunity to enhance my skills and to use my knowledge in an efficient and effective manner. It's an incredible achievement for me as a Quantity Surveyor.
My biggest achievement is juggling motherhood and a career – I love being a mumma but I also love being Beccie.
My biggest achievement has been completing my master's degree in commercial management and quantity surveying whilst working full time as the sole Commercial Manager for the company.
My biggest achievement recently with Taziker was taking part in a Fit in Four Weeks challenge with my fellow employees and raising a staggering individual amount of £650 for Cash for Kids, which is our company’s nominated charity for 2023.
My biggest achievement was getting the Coordination Manager job at Taziker. After 18 months doing document control, I wanted to try other things. So, I am now the Procurement Manager, Document Control Manager and Office Manager. I love doing this job as it gives me more variety and I get to do all three different roles at once.


We want to ensure that we are actively encouraging this number to grow by raising awareness of the opportunities for women in the construction industry.

Be sure to click here if you’re interested to learn more about Women in Construction Week and click here to learn more about International Women’s Day.

If you’d like to join these incredibly talented group of women and work at Taziker too, please have a look at our careers page to see what opportunities are available.