Wilmslow Railway Station, Cheshire

Taziker was contracted by Network Rail to complete refurbishment works at Wilmslow Station in Cheshire. This station is on the North West & Central route and is a key stop on the Manchester to Crewe line.

The challenge

The station, which was built in 1842, was in an advanced state of disrepair, with canopies on platforms 1-4 all requiring extensive works, from rotten timbers to structural beam repairs and a failing paint system.

Large trees were overhanging the canopy on platform 4, with the debris blocking the guttering system. The team were required to work to strict rail possession and isolation of the overhead lines for much of the project, including the external painting works.

The solution

On platform 1, scaffold access was installed and bonded for safety, due to the adjacent overhead lines, this then allowed the team access to the canopy roof. Temporary works were installed including supporting steelwork and lighting before the dismantling of three quarters of the roof area. All tongue and groove panels were removed for the full length of the canopy and following this, the existing scaffolding propping supporting the roof was removed and repairs to the remaining steel columns undertaken.

Six structural timber beams were installed with four spliced to the existing beams in the loft space, together with steel plates and bolted. Two new timber beams were installed with two additional brackets and secured to the building wall. The canopy roof was completely re-built with new joists and purlins, skylights and new facia and daggerboards on the external canopy and roof trims.

Across platforms 1, 2 and 3, brand new timber box gutter framework was lined with the waterproof Alumasc system. New down sprouts were installed through the box gutter connected to the existing down pipes, protecting the system from rain fall and adverse weather conditions. New roof covering made of plywood, along with GRP trims, was installed with access hatches and a waterproof system. This work means both future maintenance and the protection of the roof has been secured for many years to come.

On platform 4, large trees were removed during the de-vegetation process. Following the building of scaffold access, the gutters were thoroughly cleaned, and the joints lined with the Alumasc waterproof system. The existing damaged down pipes were then repaired before the installation of new skylights.

Mechanical preparation and painting works were undertaken on the steel and timber across all platforms, matching the blue station colour requirements. While external painting on the platforms was successfully undertaken during rail possessions. All steelwork was painted in a Network Rail approved coatings system and we used a specialised microporous paint on the timber, which allows the pain to breath. 

The result

Both structurally and aesthetically, the station has been transformed and will be in a fantastic condition for many years to come, providing a pleasant commuting experience for the general public. Future maintenance of the station has been secured with the installation of access hatches and a paint system that has a guaranteed life span of 25 years.

March 2022 - July 2023

The scope of the works included:

  • Scaffold installation
  • Temporary works
  • Installation of new glazing
  • Steelwork repairs
  • Installation of access hatches
  • Removal and re-build platform 1 canopy roof
  • Replacement of structural timber beams
  • Installation of GRP facia/daggerboards
  • Installation of timber facia/daggerboards
  • Mechanical preparation and painting of steel to an M24 system
  • Painting of timber daggerboards to T50 system
  • Painting of GRP facia and daggerboards 
  • Replaced box gutter drainage system
  • Installation of timber box gutter framework roof covering lined with waterproof Alumasc system