Spectrum Leisure Complex

The glass-roofed building of the Spectrum Leisure Centre has become synonymous with Guildford over the past 21 years since it first opened its doors to the public. Recently some of the roof support columns were identified as needing repair due to section loss and corrosion.

SRS modular column formwork was assembled on site to shutter two columns, the proprietary system was adapted to fit within a small area so that the public would not see the ongoing works.

The works to be undertaken proved to be challenging as the leisure Centre remained open to the general public during the day time and our permitted working hours where during the night. The challenges involved with this was to completely encapsulate each individual work area around the pools at the start of the shift, providing ways to use welding equipment individual work location ventilation and at all times ensuring the pool areas where not contaminated. All equipment and encapsulations needed to be removed before the general public returned the next morning and all areas left in a concealed, safe and unsightly manor by which the public where not disturbed by the ongoing repair work.

Added Value

Taziker Industrial had been awarded the works due to our ability to provide a single sourced solution for the client; with our background in fabrication, steelwork repairs and painting we were able overcome all technical issues, providing our own welfare facilities and ensuring that none of the centre’s operations were disturbed.

Due to the success of the project, we have now been awarded double the amount of repairs within the facility to start later in 2015.

Learning and Innovation

The main learning on this project stemmed from the need to completely seal off the working area so the pool area can still be used during the day with no disruptions.

We built individual wooden encapsulation frames that quickly slot together with the added bonus of PVC sheeting to keep the pool area clean. The walls comprised of fire blankets so hot works could safely be conducted.

Other innovations came with the concreting of the columns. These were to be fitted with a steel collar below the floor tile level, close to the pool’s water balance tank. After looking at the designs, we developed a system whereby we could drill the column, insert steel rods and then fill the column with concrete to spread the load of the roof. This would be more beneficial than the proposed solution and cause no risk of rupturing the huge underground water balance tank, while causing no disruption to the public and keeping to the agreed programme of works.

Apr 2015 - May 2015

The scope of the works included:

  • Steelwork repairs to corroded columns above and below floor level
  • Mechanical Preparation & Painting to remove areas of corrosion and dilapidated paint
  • Concrete around bases and shuttering around columns
  • Tiling and rendering to restore the aesthetic finish of the centre