Roosecote Power Station

When the company started looking for ways to breathe new life into the site, they engaged Taziker to refurbish the Turbine Hall, two of the onsite oil storage tanks and the water cooling system inlet pipes.

Our works involved the scaffolding and encapsulation of the two above ground oil storage tanks and the turbine hall, followed by the surface preparation of each asset to achieve a clean surface ready for the application of new protective paint systems. The water inlet pipes were blocked by years of limpet accumulation. We were engaged to remove this build-up and Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) wash the pipe exteriors to remove dilapidated coatings along the length of the four 27m long pipelines.

The two 25m diameter Oil Storage Tanks were abrasive grit blasted to an SA2.5 standard to remove areas of corrosion and failing paintwork. Three coats of an Epoxy and Polysiloxane paint system was applied to the Tanks and Pipeline to protect each asset from the corrosive marine environment surrounding the plant.

Sep 2007 - Jun 2008

The scope of the works included:

  • Scaffolding and encapsulation of the two 25m diameter cylindrical oil storage tanks and the four 27m inlet pipelines
  • UHP Water Jetting to 36,000 psi to all surfaces to remove dilapidated coatings, corrosion build up and surface oil and grease
  • Application of a three coat protective paint system offering up to a 15 year life expectancy