Farnley Viaduct

The existing parapet wall had begun to bulge away and was in need of urgent repair. The arch ring itself had voids in the ring due to poor water management. Bricks from the main arch ring had also dislodged and had fallen out. The scope was to remove any loose brickwork from the main arch ring span, Stitching and grouting to voids. Replace missing bricks to isolated areas, remove and rebuilt the existing parapet wall and re-install coping stones and handrails. Install a new concrete cap ring to the defective arch. Re-pointing defined areas of brickwork.

Added Value

The Network Rail Project Manager specifically cited our ability to provide a complete service and our technical expertise as key factors in their decision to award the works to Taziker. They also understand the value they receive from our provision of directly-employed staff. This enables the sites to be consistently managed with greater control of health and safety and improved overall communication with Network Rail. By directly liaising with Network Rail any additional scope of works that became apparent could be completed whilst the site works were already in progress therefore creating an efficiency.

Work on site was carried out during a 12 week period with site establishment being placed directly on site by obtaining land from a third party to complete the works. Close liaison with the client regarding any changes to the required scope of works to ensure compatibility to the completion of the scheme with no outstanding issues.

Learning and Innovation 

The design of the access scaffold was completed to ensure that full access to the structure could be achieved with access to all areas making the sequencing of the works achievable. As the repairs had structural integrity to consider earlier liaison with the subcontractors was completed to ensure that the viaduct did not become unstable whilst completing the works and ensured a smooth transition between the work areas.

This also created good opportunities if there became a problematic area as other work areas were available.

Whilst removing the parapet wall the bricks could be salvaged for re-use at a later date for re-building not only did this save waste materials being sent to land fill as these were re-used it also demonstrated innovation and valued engineering which in turn had a cost saving to the client.

Mar 2015 - Jun 2015

The scope of the works included:

  • Installation of access scaffolding and working crash deck area
  • Stitching and Grouting of existing voids
  • Repointing of isolated areas including replacements of missing brickwork
  • Removal of Parapet wall and rebuild including capping stones and handrails