Avonmouth ERF

Taziker Industrial Services is currently providing bespoke access solutions to CNIM for the construction of a new Energy Recovery Facility, in Bristol.  Once completed, the centre will reclaim all of Somerset's household unrecyclable waste into usable energy.  According to development plans, this should produce enough energy to power a staggering 44,000 West Country homes through the National Grid.

Added Value

Taziker Industrial Services were awarded this contract after a competitive tender period.  We were selected due to our innovative proposal to use a 3.2mm high yield scaffold tube alternative.  This alternative is 20% lighter than the traditional 4mm galvanized steel tube.  

The lightweight alternative was easier to transport and quicker to erect, resulting in savings on erection and transportation costs and programme.

Exceeding our customers' expectations

"The scaffolding erected by Taziker was of an exceptional high standard and very commendable.  All live Temporary Works on site were visibly correct out in a safe manner.  All scaffolds erected to a high level and the paperwork submitted by Taziker is the best I have seen on a CNIM site." Head of UK Temporary Works

2 Years

The scope of the works included:

The main works which are being delivered by Taziker Industrial Services consist of the erection, adaptation and subsequent dismantling of various bespoke access scaffolding solutions, such as:

  • Heavy duty birdcage system scaffolding
  • Independent scaffolding
  • Access towers
  • Support scaffolding
  • Hanger scaffolding
  • Laydown scaffolding