Access Scaffolding

Access scaffolding of Avonmouth ERF.

Access scaffolding provides a temporary method of accessing part of a structure, internal or external, in order to perform essential work through a convenient working platform.  

Often work needs to be done at height, this could be on the external façade of a building or internally, and without a form of safe access this would be impossible.  Therefore, we provide the necessary designs, equipment and trained personnel to provide access scaffolding to fulfil the needs of the wider project.

Being fully registered members of NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation), you can trust Taziker Industrial Services to provide access scaffolding solutions to meet your requirements in a safe and fully controlled manner. By having a professional, dedicated and experienced team within our industrial services division, we can offer an unrivalled level of service to our customers in the industry. Each member of our management team has vast experience of working in the industry, and our scaffolding operatives have dedicated their careers to working in the industrial access sector.

Our use of 3.2mm High Yield Scaffold Tube rather than the conventional 4.0mm Tube outlines our ongoing commitment to provide innovative solutions to the industry.  Being 20% lighter, it provides our customers with immediate cost savings and safety enhancements.

Rope AccessIndustrial Services Rope Access.

Within our access capabilities in the industrial services sector, we can also provide rope access solutions. A quicker option to a full scaffold for shorter projects and suited to work in difficult to reach areas, rope access can be an efficient and safe solution for a project.

Being accredited with IRATA, Taziker has the expert ability to provide the best service and standards to our customers in the following areas:

  • Rescue from height provision
  • NDT testing 
  • Boiler deslags
  • Inspection of coatings
  • Inspection of insulation and application
  • Bird/pest deterrents and netting
  • Mansafe wire handrail inspections
  • Industrial cleaning