Encapsulation is the process of using various forms of sheeting/membranes to wrap a structure in order to protect the surrounding area.  A structure, such as a bridge, may need to be encapsulated for surface preparation and protective coatings work.  The process of grit-blasting causes large amounts of dust which needs to be carefully and properly contained, and then removed from site.  Encapsulation ensures that any contaminants are confined to inside while also giving the structure and operatives protection from the weather.  The temperature can also be controlled for suitable work conditions.

We provide encapsulation solutions to many large-scale, high-profile projects across the country, from tunnel encapsulation systems that allow trains to continue to operate while work continues above track, to systems that can be altered to meet weather conditions, such as high wind speeds.  

We use high quality encapsulation solutions on many projects for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Temporary roofs
  • Containment for blasting & painting
  • Containment for working environment
  • Containment for environmental protection
  • General scaffold sheeting
  • Weather protection
  • Asbestos containment

We place huge emphasis on the environmental benefits of encapsulation, especially on many of our high-profile heritage and environmentally designated sites.  Encapsulation ensures the working area is fully closed, eliminating the possibility for air pollution, the risk of contaminants or falling debris, or contaminating any watercourses below. 

We used encapsulation on the grade I listed Iron Bridge in Shropshire in order to prevent contamination to the River Severn below, using a heat shrunk sheeting which was bonded to the scaffolding.  The contained area was placed under negative pressure using air movers, extracting airborne dust from the work areas and collecting it within enclosed dust filters.

Encapsulation of large stone bridge over water with blue skies.Taziker worker in white PPE working on the encapsulation of Creagan Bridge.