Little Barford Power Station

  • May - Jun 2010
  • £37,000
  • Principal Contractor

Little Barford Power Station is a 740MWe gas-fired power station in Bedfordshire operated by the German electric utilities company RWE.

The scope of works included:

  • Removal of Pipework Saddles and Fixings
  • Protection of the floor surface from damage
  • Mechanical Preparation to ST3
  • Application of the new three coat Protective Paint system
  • Re-installation of Saddles and Fixings

An inspection of the 4” and 12” Light Gas Oil Supply and Spill Pipelines was undertaken and a number surface defects were identified. This included localised damage and the deterioration of the existing coating systems’ UV protection.

Taziker Industrial were engaged to remove all coating damage through the use of mechanical preparation equipment, providing an ST3 standard of surface cleanliness. We then completely re-applied the three coat paint system to all pipework, totalling 1500m in length, thus reinstating the total protection of the original coating system.

The finished colour of the pipeline would be saddle brown, to indicate that the process medium is oil.

All associated support saddles and u-bolt fixings were fabricated from stainless steel and required removal to allow appropriate access to the pipework during the remedial works, with complete reinstatement upon completion of the surface preparation and coating application work. Many of the galvanised u-bolts removed had begun to corrode andwere replaced with new as part of the reinstatement process.