CV Guide

To help you during the application process at Taziker, we have put together a helpful CV guide that we welcome you to use. We hope our advice will get you one step close to your desired role at Taziker.

Importance of a CV

A CV is a written summary with information about you, your skills, and experience to help us find out more about you and how you could fit into the role at Taziker. We usually require a CV during the first step of the application process and it is a great way for you to promote yourself from the start.

A great CV will give you a good opportunity to enter the next stage of the application process.

What to include in your CV

Your full name and contact details: This will include your preferred phone number, and personal email address.

Summary: This is a brief paragraph to provide an overview of you and your working experience.

Outline technical and soft skills: Highlight some of the technical and soft skills that you possess. You can layout these skills in bullet points.

Professional experience: Be sure to include your work experience in chronological order, starting from most recent. Layout each of your positions as shown below.


  • Company
  • Dates
  • Job Title
  • Responsibilities:
    • -
    • -

Include the past five years of experience on your CV. If a key role with key experience for this application is prior to five years, add this too. Finish this section with 'More employment history available upon request'.

Educational experience: In this section, include your qualifications and grades, alongside the institution and dates. Focus on the two most recent qualifications i.e. Masters and bachelor's degree with course and results. Then for A Levels and GCSEs just state the grades you achieved i.e. A Levels AAA, GCSEs A-C.

Awards and Achievements: In this section you should include any additional awards and achievements that you have earned over the years.

Additional tips

Read the job description thoroughly so you know what skills and experience we are looking for in applicants. You can then use this information to align the attributes with your own personal skills and experience, and then highlight these within your CV.

When reading a CV, the recruiter and company focus on your Employment History section, so ensure this is detailed and relevant for the job you are applying for. Keep other sections of your CV short and concise.

Try to keep your CV to two pages of A4 maximum.

LinkedIn is now a major tool for recruiters and companies who are actively hiring. Therefore, having an active LinkedIn profile with an up-to-date CV attached, will really increase your visibility on the market. Alternatively, you can create a hyperlink on your CV that takes the recruiter to your LinkedIn page.